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Fighting Until the End.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is hosting a tournament for his newly and overly wealthy guest. Yet this is not just any old tournament, this is a fighting tournament. By using her feminine charm to easily pursue Sir Guy, Marian gains this information. Then Marian races out of the castle and into the woodwork to warn Robin and his gang of this upcoming event. Particularly to speak of the tournament’s bountiful winnings. Naturally, Robin sees this as an opportunity to use the money to help the poor. It is then that another devious plan is conjured.

On the eve of the event, Robin and his men are separately performing daily drop offs to aid the villages who are victims to the unjust taxation. It is then when Robin returns into the forest; he is confronted by a familiar face hidden behind a leather mask. After rescuing Marian from the sheriff’s men, Robin is furious with her continuing her acts and jeopardizing her life as Night watchman.
“Must you always put yourself in danger?! This is no sort of game Marian!” By constantly disagreeing and bantering back and forth over the subject, they were not able settling their differences. Marian left in a huff hating the fact that the man she loves doesn’t understand. Feeling trapped and enraged; dawn is approaching. With no where left to go she finally returns to the castle and quickly removes her night watchmen costume.

Then there is a faint knock on her door as sir guy allows himself into her bedroom chambers. It is here that he enforces his overpowering authority by wanting her to be on his arm during the tournament. Like all the other newcomers in the castle, the sheriff wants Marian as a securing edge by making his guests feel much more “comfortable”. Being conflicted with both her lines of duty; Marian still feels like a caged animal. Her only source of escape is to continue her days as the night watchmen.

On that faithful day, Robin and his gang head up to Nottingham to put an end to this tournament before it has even begun. Silently and undetected they get into the castle’s courtyards. Watching and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Also on that day Marian severely and unexpectedly becomes ill. With her rebellious idea in progress she is free from both tie downs. And now has the opportunity to be a witness to the contest, as her former self. Both blending into the haze of excitement, it was then his plan began unraveling. For in an instant Robin noticed a brown leather cloak and hooded figure weaving in and out of the swarm of people. Being distracted by Marian’s actions Robin left his gang to fend for themselves, and pushed through the crowd after her.

Once he reached her he intolerantly pulled the Night watchman aside under the archway of the castle gates.
“What do you think you are doing here? This is no pla—" but before he could finish his sentence, the castle gates suddenly dropped! By getting out of the way in the nick of time, Robin and Marian were trapped inside the castle walls. Chaos and madness stirred in the air. As men, women, and children were separated from their loved ones by a heavy iron blockage. Throughout the screams and fear, a chuckle pierced. The sheriff voice rang out over the panicked crowd.
This wasn’t just any old tournament; it was abolition! A bloodbath of innocence; as punishment on the people for the delay of paying taxes! It was then that the Sheriff sneered, seeing his main attraction their backs pressed against the collapsed gate.

Robin Hood and The Night watchman fighting until the very end.

So what did you think of that so far? my friend and I came up with this idea and I think it will be an interesting story.

Only one.

Well this is different its been so long since I've posted something over here and I totaly forgot how everything works -_- but I'll figure it out sooner or later.
But I felt that I should start posting things on here once again its just I'm not really sure what to talk about.
I thought maybe sharing my newest robin/marian video might help =D
As my friends know I LOVE robin and marian theres just something about them that I just find so interesting and plus I loved the show, But I was majorly disappointed when the writers killed her off X[ evil people I swear! then season three don't even get me start on that haha I could go on and on and on about it.
Ok getting off subject again sorry haha I made this video for a very close to me, we've been friends for more then three years now.
We've met through rping oddly enough he's robin and I'm marian haha and we just clicked and ever since then we've become close.He makes me very happy and I'm glad to have come acrossed him. Its very hard to find any good robins to rp with sadly but I found mine! Anyways when I heard this beautiful song it reminded me of him so much and I couldn't resist making a video haha plus he always says he enjoys my work =D
So enjoy theres really no plot to the video just clips of marian and robin through out season 1 and 2.


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